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Let's Be Honest..

Your Student Enrollment Numbers Aren't As

High As You Want Them To Be.

New enquiries are coming in but they’re not turning into enrolled students.

When you try to follow up with prospects, your voicemails go unanswered and emails get no replies...which is

frustrating and demoralising and makes the team feel like they are fighting a losing battle.

No matter how many shiny leads your marketing efforts gets you, they never seem to turn into paying students

— which all makes you wonder…

What's the whole point of this "marketing" thing if it doesn't increase your revenue?

The problem is clear (and the solution is simple.) Your marketing efforts are chasing the wrong thing.

Because it’s not just about getting more leads…It’s about getting more paying students. That’s what Student Convert helps you do.

We create and automate a strategy for the entire student-acquisition process (not just lead generation).

After capturing the prospective student's interest, our Student Convert Platform maintains contact during their research journey, utilising a variety of touch points from you, so that when they are ready to enrol, you are at the top of their mind, and not another provider.

Success Stories

Matt Wade

Alex Huang

Michelle DeRoubaix

  • Deep Diving into your organization so we know exactly what and who you want to attract
  • Attracting high-quality prospects who we have discovered are a perfect match for your organization
  • ​Designing captivating ads to increase the quantity and quality of your student enquiries
  • The system helps you follow up with your leads (with automation so you don’t have to do it manually!) — to warm them up until they feel ready to enrol

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Here are just some of the results we’ve generated for our clients in the education, vocational training, and adult education space:

  • $1.2 Million in course sales revenue in one month with zero ad spend.

  • Generated $97​​​​4,823 revenue in just 6 months with an additional $6 Million in the pipeline.

  • ​85% increase in the number of leads generated, while simultaneously bringing the cost per lead down by 67%.

  • Lead response rate went from 10% to between 60-80% ...and conversions quadrupled, resulting in $1.02M in revenue.

We’re all about finding the right vibe with our clients. So let’s get to know each other and see if the

Student Convert System is right for you!

If we’re not the best partner to help you, we’ll refer someone who is. Or if you think we’re not your cup of tea,

you can fake having bad phone signal and be on your merry way.

Nothing to lose, right?

We’ve Got You Covered

Strategic Consulting

We help you diagnose your marketing and sales process gaps and recommend proven strategies for greater results.

Facebook Advertising

Our team specialise in creating and managing profitable Facebook campaigns for RTOs and Adult Education Providers

Google Advertising

Conversion based Google advertising campaigns, specifically designed for RTOs are our superpower.

Automated Lead Nurture

Increase the volume of leads your organization can handle with our personalised, high-tech and high-touch platform.


Emotionally engaging direct response copy is key to increasing student enquiries.

More conversations equals more enrolments

Matt Wade

Benefit from high converting, education compliant landing pages and websites built for your business and your brand.


Sales Training

Students enquiring but not enrolling? Our expert sales training will help your team convert more students and generate more revenue.

Omni Retargeting

Increased conversions with our Omni presence retargeting campaigns, It's like having an MIT advertising budget for pennies in the dollar.



Stop wasting money on useless leads.

Start enrolling new students.

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